Thursday February 22 , 2018
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Go Sideways with Nello and Boeger

Nello Olivo and Boeger Wineries GO SIDEWAYS

Celebrate the Film
Celebrate the Wines

A duo winery-hop event!

On October 12-15, Boeger and Nello Olivo wineries combine their love for the movie "Sideways" with special offers on the two wines most featured in the award-winning script.

Say "I'm going Sideways!"
for complimentary tasting of these two wines.


Nello Olivo

Divorcee wine-snob, Miles (Paul Giamatti), forced to go on a double blind date when he'd rather just be left alone drinking rare fine wines: "If anybody orders Merlot, I'm leaving! I'm NOT DRINKING ANY [expletive] MERLOT!" watch video

Taste Nello Olivo's [excellent] Merlot!
SPECIAL OFFER: 4-bottle Merlot vertical $99


Boeger logo

Asked a question, Miles gives an inciteful answer using words that speak more about himself than about the wine: "Why are you so into Pinot?" watch video

Taste Boeger's inciteful Pinot Grande Pinot Noir!
SPECIAL OFFER: 3-bottle Pinot vertical $72 (club $63)


Comedy, drama, romance. Two men reaching middle age with not much to show but disappointment embark on a road trip through California's wine country, just as one is about to take a trip down the aisle.


Take your own wine-country road trip!
Thursday through Sunday, October 12-15, 2017

Visit Boeger Winery for their Pinot Grande Pinot Noir

Boeger Winery
Hours: Daily 10 - 5
1709 Carson Road, Placerville

Visit Nello Olivo Winery for their Merlot

Nello Olivo Tasting Room
Hours: Tue - Thu 11 - 5  •  Fri - Sun 11 - 7
643 Bee Street, Placerville


Don't forget to say "I'm going Sideways!" for complimentary tasting of these two wines.


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Nello Olivo wine tasting room in Placerville

643 Bee Street, Placerville

Monday: closed
Tuesday: 11-5
Wednesday: 11-5
Thursday: 11-5
Friday: 11-7
Saturday: 11-7
Sunday: 11-7

We're the closest winery to Hwy 50, at the "corner of" Hwys 50 and 49. Start your wine tour here. We have winery maps!

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