Monday February 26 , 2018
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That Sangiovese Smile

That Sangiovese Smile


Might it have been the wine?

Before Hollywood turned Tuscany into Italy's most recognized wine region, there was Chianti - known for centuries the world over as Italy's most famous wine region, and Chianti, its most famous wine.

Did you know at the heart of Chianti lies the Sangiovese grape? This sovereign fruit of Italian winemaking, the most commonly planted red variety in Italy, must by law comprise 80% of classic Chianti blends.

Since - in the day - to drink this classic wine was all the rage, did Leonardo and his mystery model imbibe a little Sangiovese-based Chianti between those famous brush strokes?

Until science proves they did, taste the evidence yourself this weekend, and see how Nello's new Sangiovese '12 artfully paints a smile on your face!

Unveiling this Saturday & Sunday

Nello Olivo aka "The Grapefather" has won two dozen Gold Medals - and higher - this awards season.We unveil Sangiovese '12 this weekend, September 26 & 27 in the Nello Olivo Tasting Room.

Join us from 11am to 7pm for wine tasting, special pricing and a $5 Italian style lunch (served until 5pm).

This might be the most "Chianti-like" Sangiovese yet! Deep crimson in color with aromas of cherries and pomegranate, enhanced with peppery spice, this wine delivers exuberant fruitiness. Evidence of smoky mushrooms and wild herbs mingle with the flowery flavors of the woods, while lush tannins boost the medium acidity to please the Italian or the Californian palate. This wine calls for authentic Italian dishes but try it with your backyard barbecue.

Grapefather Offer

Did you know Nello's Sangiovese won "Best Sangiovese of California" from judges at the California State Fair?

Stock up now on this esteemed varietal!
Prices good September 26 & 27. Come in or call.

Sangiovese '12
Half case: $99
Full case: $198



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We're the closest winery to Hwy 50, at the "corner of" Hwys 50 and 49. Start your wine tour here. We have winery maps!

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