Monday February 26 , 2018
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Nello Olivo Winery’s 2015 Gold Medals Count

Nello Olivo aka The GrapefatherLike the Olympic’s Gold Medal count, Nello Olivo Winery has its medal count too—for Gold Medals won in wine competitions each year. See our list of the highest awards given to our wines since we started sending them out for judging in 2010.

While with the Olympics, nation goes against nation for the most medals, we don’t compare our count against other wineries. (That’s your job as a consumer!)

Nello Olivo, aka "The Grapefather" has announced winning two dozen Gold Medal - and higher - awards so far in 2015 state, national, and international wine competitions.

Here’s our Gold Medal breakdown for 2015 by varietal:

Barbera ’11, 2 Golds

Cabernet Sauvignon ‘12, Gold

Merlot ’12, Gold, Best of Class

Petite Sirah ’12, 2 Gold, Best of Show, Best of Class

Sagrantino ’12, 5 Golds, Best of Class, Best of County

Super Tuscan Style ’12, 2 Golds

Toscanello ’12, 3 Golds, Best of California Italian Red Blend, Best of Class, Best of Class of Region

Are all Gold Medals Equal?

In wine competitions judges score each individual wine, not as it compares to other wines in its class, but according to industry accepted ideals by varietal and according their own taste sensitivities.

At some wine competitions, winning a Gold Medal, or especially Best of Show or Class, means more than at other competitions.

Some competitions have stricter policies than others. Some receive entries in the hundreds, others the thousands. Some are considered more prestigious by the wine industry at large because of their long-standing history or reputation for attracting the highest level, most respected judges.

A few awards listed above we especially prize because they were won at large and prestigious competitions.

Petite Sirah '12

For example, Best of Show and Best of Class-Reds, won by our Petite Sirah ’12. These were awarded by judges at the 2015 Orange County Fair Commercial Wine Competition.

To understand the significance, consider these numbers: among 2,427 total wines entered at the OC competition only 18 other wines were awarded Best of Show.

Also at the OC competition, our Merlot ’12 and Sagrantino ’12 were given the Chairman’s Award (Best of Class). Only 30 other wines achieved this status.

The OC competition is considered the most prestigious and complete representation of California wines in the world.

Toscanello '12

We’re also proud of our Toscanello ’12 which won big this year.

It won Gold (94 points) plus was named "Best of California Italian Red Blends" at this year’s California State Fair Commercial Wine Competition (2,231 wines entered).

That’s best Italian red blend in the state!

It also won Gold at the OC competition, and was named Best of Class at both the Consumer Wine Awards and Pacific Rim International.

Sagrantino '12

Our Sagrantino ’12 won Gold in the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition (6,417 entries from 28 States), the largest judging of American wines in the world. It also garnered Gold at the Monterey International, Toast of the Coast, El Dorado County Fair, and Best of Class at the OC competition as mentioned above.

Red Winery of The Year

Another kudo we might as well shout about is having been named “El Dorado Red Winery of the Year” at the 2015 New York International Wine Competition (entries from 30 countries). Our Toscanello ’12 scored a Silver at this very tough competition in which only 36 Gold Medals were handed out.

In our 6th competitive year, we think we can say that a winning Gold Medal count has become a Nello Olivo Winery tradition!


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