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Hang Time at Rancho Olivo Vineyards, 2012: Listening to Grapes

September 13, 2012

Nello OlivoThe grape harvest is coming soon, and one of the most important decisions we make as winemakers involves hang time—how long to let the grapes hang on the vine.

As people will see at "Dinner In The Vineyard" this Saturday, the grapes look ripe. If I were a grape grower interested in making the most money selling my grapes by weight, I might pick them soon. The longer fruit hangs, the more moisture it loses, and the lighter in weight it gets.

But I don't care about weight. I care about giving the best flavor and highest qualities to my wine. The longer I let the grapes hang (without rain or irrigation), the more intense and full will be the flavor of the wine.

Nello Olivo grapes in hang timeKnowing the right moment for harvesting is a tricky decision based partly on science, on the weather, on the style of wines I prefer to create, and also based on experience and old-fashioned instinct.




The science part comes in testing the grapes for acidity (pH) and for sugar content. As long as the pH stays below 3.60 and the sugar content under 25 brix, I'm likely to let the fruit hang. And I use all my senses as well to help make the crucial decision of when to pick. How the grapes look, the texture of the pulp, the dryness of the seed, skin color and tightness of the fruit cluster. And of course, the big one: how the fruit tastes.

I rely on my trusted team, including Lance Johnson, vineyard operations manager, and Marco Cappelli, winemaker. We'll monitor the status of the grapes every day, sometimes more than once.

Hang time in the vineyard is like those last couple of weeks before a baby is born. It's a time full of anticipation, of paying attention to every little sign, and of being ready in every possible way for that birth.

Each varietal is different. Each section of the vineyard is different. Each year is different. You have to know your vineyard intimately, and you have to be patient and listen to it "talk" to you. All over California right now, harvesting teams are standing ready, waiting for the call to pick. When the grapes tell me it's time, I'll make the call.

Photo from Nello Olivo 2008 harvest, Rancho Olivo Vineyards





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