N ello Olivo makes 11 varietals of wine from just 8 acres of grapes in his El Dorado foothills vineyard. “When you produce only 3,000 cases of wine a year, you have to make every bottle count,” says Nello. His growing wine club, 100+ Gold, Double Gold, and "Best Of" awards, plus a 2nd tasting room currently under construction might tell you that Nello's passion and hard work are making his "every bottle" promise come true.

Come Taste!

Sequoia Mansion home of Nello Olivo Winery tasting room

Placerville Tasting Room - more info

Placerville Tasting Room
643 Bee Street, Placerville

Tues-Thurs 11-5
Fri-Sun 11-7

We're excited about our new Camino tasting room currently under construction. It's due to open late summer 2018.

News & Events

The Wine Train Rides Again This Summer

Wine and dine with The Grapefather on an open-air train car at sunset.
Nello Olivo Sinfonia - semi-dry white wine

Sinfonía is Back for An Encore

After a long intermission, Nello's lightest wine is in stock for summer celebrating.
Nello Olivo Winery private cellar tastings

Book a Private Cellar Tasting!

Relaxed, small group, guided wine tastings in the historic wine cellar of Sequoia Mansion.
Wine Mob volunteers for Passport 2018

Join Our Wine Club!

The Grapefather's wine club, a.k.a. The Wine Mob, gives great club member perks and includes some of the most fun-loving folks this side of the Roaring 20s.

Meet The Grapefather

N ello Olivo IS The Grapefather. The father of vineyard and vine. The wine whisperer of gentle voice and commanding words so the grapes know who's boss! Hang around him for a while and he'll tell a few stories — even legends — but some things he'll never tell. The Grapefather's best secrets come inside bottles. Pull the cork and you'll know.

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